Glymur Waterfall, Akranes, Iceland (with Map & Photos)

Glymur Waterfall

The height of the Glymur Waterfall (also called Glymur) is 196 meters. It is the highest waterfall in Iceland. From the edge of the canyon, a magnificent view of Glymur opens, but the whole of it is inaccessible for viewing. You can see the full waterfall only after reaching the top of the canyon along the river, but it is very dangerous. Near the waterfall there is a volcano called Hwalfell.

Glymur Waterfall Iceland
Glymur Waterfall

Did you know that Iceland has its own legend about Little Red Riding Hood? Amazing views, breathtaking legends, fascinating fords - all this is Glymur waterfalls! Glymur Waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Iceland. The height of Glymur is 196m

It is curious that 12 years ago the Glymur waterfall was considered the highest waterfall in the country. However, in 2007, the tongue of the Vatnajokul glacier began to melt due to the changing climate, and the Morsaurfos waterfall was formed, the height of which is 227 m. Now it is he who owns the palm tree in height among the waterfalls in Iceland. 

Glymur Waterfall 1
Glymur Waterfall

Glymur waterfall is located in the western part of Hvalfjord, the name of which means “whale fjord”. This area is covered with legends. One of them is the legend of the Red Hat. According to her, a young fisherman, having suffered a shipwreck, ended up on a rocky island where elves lived. The elves accepted the young man, but he betrayed them, for which he was punished - he was turned into a whale.

glymur waterfall 6
Glymur Waterfall

The young fisherman wore a red hat, so the whale had a distinctive feature - a red spot on its head. In the guise of a whale, the fisherman did not know rest for a long time and pursued the sailors, until the sorcerer from the fishing village stopped him. With the help of magic, the sorcerer led the whale against the current through the river, a waterfall and brought it out to the lake. The river was so narrow, and its banks were rocky, that when it reached the lake, the whale was exhausted, he sank to the bottom and stayed there forever. Icelanders claim that the bones of a whale were found thrown on the shore of Lake Hvalvatn, which is located at an altitude of 200m above sea level.

Glymur Waterfall 2
Glymur Waterfall

Despite the fact that the Glymur waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in the country, the number of people who want to visit it is not so great. There are several reasons for this: - for a long time, the only road connecting the cities of Akranes and Reykjavik passed along the Hvalfjord, but in 1998 a tunnel was built, which significantly reduces the travel time, and the number of people who want to admire the beauty of the fjord has significantly decreased. - the waterfall is not very visible from the bottom point; in order to observe Glymur in all its beauty, it is necessary to climb to the point of fall. And this path is not an easy one.

glymur waterfall 4
Glymur Waterfall

There are many places in Iceland that can be called attractions of this state. Among them there are many who can be defined as "miracle of nature." Among such centers of periodic congestion of tourists, among the most famous is the largest waterfall in the country called Glymur. In order to enjoy this spectacle, while in the capital Reykjavik, you will need to cover the 60 km path to the settlement called Botnsá, located next to the flowing river of the same name.

Glymur Waterfall - Botsnaa flows out of Lake Hvalvatn, which means "whale water", and after a short distance the waterfalls down near the volcano Hvalfellinto a canyon whose steep slopes are covered with evergreen green moss. By the way, the lake pit was formed from molten volcanic lava. At the same time, the maximum depth of the reservoir reaches 180 m, and this is the second deepest lake among those that Iceland can boast of.

Glymur Waterfall 3
Glymur Waterfall

There is a marked trail (350 m) from the parking lot in the village. If, not afraid of heights and difficulties, you make a 2-hour hike, you will be rewarded with amazing views that will open before you. In the summer there is a small crossing, along which, without any risk, you can get to the eastern bank of the river. Use the ferry service, as the greatest impression of this Icelandic attraction you can get is from the eastern bank of the Botnsaa River, from where the Glymur waterfall is visible at its full height of 196 meters, confirming its right to be called the highest waterfall in Iceland. Long before you see the waterfall, you will begin to hear it. It is not for nothing that the name Glymur means "roar" in translation.

glymur waterfall 5
Glymur Waterfall

Glymur Waterfall - Water, falling from a great height into a narrow canyon, creates a deafening sound, thanks to the excellent acoustics of this place. And then the stream of menacingly thrown waters will turn into thin, gently flowing hair, as if some fabulous mermaid began to comb her strands in front of you.

Glymur Waterfall Map