Garden of the Gods, Colorado, USA (with Map & Photos)

Garden of the Gods Colorado

The highest peaks of the Southern Rocky Mountains are in Colorado. The accumulation of these impressive bright orange rocks has been nicknamed the "Garden of the Gods". This fantastic geological formation has become a public park in Colorado Springs. It received the status of a natural national monument and a national park. The Garden of the Gods park covers an area of ​​about 1300 hectares.

Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs
Garden of the Gods Colorado

The bizarre cliffs are the main attraction of the Garden of the Gods. They formed from layers of sedimentary rocks. It is believed that the name of the river and the state of Colorado comes from the vibrant color of these rocks. They got their bizarre shape after the compression of tectonic plates under the influence of weathering. All this happened about 300 million years ago. The rocks have not only strange shapes but also names - "Kissing Camels", "North Gate", "Tower of Babel", "Rock Steamboat and Balancing Rock".

Garden of the Gods Colorado 1
Garden of the Gods Colorado

The Garden of the Gods in Colorado is actually a unique fusion of different landscapes, which includes various bio-zones and ecosystems. Long ago, the Indian tribe "Cliff" lived in this place and was considered sacred. It is said that when white people first came to the area looking for gold and explored the area, they said, "This is a place for the gods." Hence the name "Garden of the Gods" appeared. Not to be confused with the Garden of the Gods in Hawaii, which is also one of the world's most bizarre landscapes.

Garden of the Gods Colorado 2
Garden of the Gods Colorado

It is currently a US National Park, but the former owner of the land, Charles Elliott Perkins, indicated in his will that admission to the garden should be free. This requirement is still met - admission to the park is free.

Various presentations are held daily, as well as organized tours for climbers; bus excursions, hiking, horse riding, mountain walks, and special programs. During the excursion, you can get acquainted with the history of the Indians, geology, flora, and fauna of the park. Here you can see argali sheep, mountain deer, wild rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and various birds. 

Garden of the Gods Colorado 3
Garden of the Gods Colorado

But not onlyare travelerse interested in this place (about two million tourists a year) - locals also often come for a walk. The air in the park is spotless thanks to cypresses and pine trees, so you will appreciate walking and cycling in the Garden of the Gods.

However, be careful, in hot weather the Garden of the Gods becomes home to rattlesnakes. After the walk, you can visit the souvenir gallery, the oldest and largest in the state. You should definitely see this place and feel the beauty of wildlife in one of America's most beautiful National Parks.

Garden of the Gods Map