Ceahlău Massif, Ruginesti, Romania (with Map & Photos)

Ceahlău Massif Romania

The Ceahlău Massif is a mountain located in the Bistrița mountain range in the Neamt district, Romania, in the northeastern part of the country. The mountain has two significant peaks called Okolashul Mare and Toaka.

Ceahlău Massif Romania 2
Ceahlău Massif Romania

The Ceahlău Massif can be reached through the village of Izvorul Muntelui from the south. The mountain is popular with hikers and is home to a number of marked trails.

Ceahlău Massif Romania 3
Ceahlău Massif Romania

Ski slopes are also located in Dureu. The mountain contains several interesting endemic species of flora and fauna, which also attracts tourists to the area.

Ceahlău Massif Map