Bungle Bungle Range, Australia (with Map & Photos)

bungle bungle range australia

Bungle Bungle
is a mountain range in western Australia, located 190 km from the city of Halls Creek, known by local aborigines as Purnululu, which translates as "sandstone" and located in the National Park of the same name.

Bungle Bungle is a unique mountain range of orange, black and white cone shaped stone formations. The summit rises 578 m above sea level.

bungle bungle range australia 2
Bungle Bungle Range Australia

In addition, from the west, it hovers over a wooded area and a grassy plain for almost 300 m. The sandstone of which they are composed is more than 350 million years old and some 20 million years ago was raised by a meteorite and later, under the influence of erosion, transformed into dome-like formations, similar to hives.

Although the Bungle Bungle Range was commonly used by Australian Aborigines during the rainy season, when plant and animal life was abundant there, few Europeans knew of its existence until the mid-1980s. The area became part of the National Park from 1987, and immediately became its main attraction, the most popular and favorite of tourists.

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Bungle Bungle Range Australia

The total area of ​​the Park is almost 240 hectares. The Bungle Bungle Mountain Range in Australia constitutes one sixth of the Park and is the most attractive of the four ecosystems represented here. The striped color of the Bungle Bungle is provided by the bright orange sandstone and the dark blue-green algae stripes.

Bungle Bungle Range Map