Bojnice Castle, Zámok, Slovakia (with Map & Photos)

Bojnice Castle Slovakia

Dreamy and romantic corner surrounded by nature. The Bojnice Castle in Slovakia is without doubt the most spectacular of the country. Located in the small town of Bojnice, the Slovak Story Castle falls in love from the first moment. It is located just two hours from Bratislava and its visit has become one of the essential things to do in Slovakia. Also famous for its hot springs, there are also other tourist attractions to see in Bojnice that complete the visit to this secret place in the Slovak plains.

Welcome to Bojnice Castle in Slovakia!

Bojnice Castle Slovakia
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

History of Bojnice Castle

The first documents in which the name of the Castle of Bojnice appears are from the 12th century. Initially it was made of wood and later of stone, passing through the hands of different wealthy families and kings throughout the centuries.

Among the reconstructions, the most important took place between 1889 and 1910 by Count Palfi, a fundamental figure in the history of the fortress. He decided to turn it into a romantic castle, in the style of the French Gothic castles of the Loire river valley. The count did not get to see it finished, but he left a masterpiece to the delight of his visitors. In addition, he included in his will his wish that it be open to the public. Since 1950, the castle has been part of the Slovak National Museum.
Bojnice Castle Slovakia 2
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

Visit Bojnice Castle in Slovakia

If the exterior of the medieval Bojnice Castle is from a movie, the interior is also wonderful. It takes an hour and a half to visit this impressive place. All visits are carried out with a guide... and if you don't get lost! The downside is that they are only in Slovak, but when you buy your ticket they will give you a sheet with information in Spanish about the most important rooms. The dining room, bedrooms, living rooms, patios, a chapel... and even a cave. All rooms with furniture and paintings from centuries of history, being part of the Count Palfi collections.

Most outstanding rooms of the Castle of Bojnice

  • The gold room, the most impressive with its golden ceiling with 183 angels. In this room... weddings are held!

  • The Bojnice Castle chapel will simply leave you speechless.

  • The Count's dining room with 17th and 18th century clocks.

  • The hunting room with the buffalo horns.

  • The sarcophagus room, where Count Palfi and his parents are located, among others.

Bojnice_Castle Slovakia 3
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

 Castle Park

The Castle is surrounded by a park in which to take a walk while enjoying each of the perspectives to take the best photos. In this park, the Tilo del Rey Matías stands out with more than seven centuries of life and the tower on the small lake linked by a bridge full of love locks. And it is that Bojnice with its castle is the most romantic place in Slovakia!

Bojnice-Castle Slovakia 4
Bojnice Castle Slovakia

What to see around Bojnice Castle

Bojnice village

The small town of Bojnice is very cozy. Hurbanovo Namestie and Sladkovicova are the two main L-shaped streets that make up the center of the village. In them are the majority of accommodations, restaurants and the supermarket along with some entertainment points to see in Bojnice such as the Bojnice House of Culture, the House of Illusions in Dom Ilúzií Bojnice or the Mysterium escape room.

Bojnice Castle Map