Amboseli National Park, Kenya (with Map & Photos)

Amboseli National Park

In the southeast of Kenya, there is the unique Amboseli National Park, famous for its elephants. Although Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania, it is from the Kenyan Amboseli that the most spectacular views of this snowy peak open.

Amboseli National Park 2
Amboseli National Park

In the southeast of Kenya (Loitokitok region, Rift Valley province) there is Amboseli National Park, a famous national park, which, together with the  Masai Mara  reserve and the Lake Nakuru reserve,   is one of the three main and most popular protected natural areas in the country. The "specialty" of Masai Mara is the Great Migration of Antelopes, Lakes Nakuru - millions of flamingos, and the main feature of Amboseli is elephants! And, of course, a view of the top of Africa - Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli National Park 3
Amboseli National Park

Back in 1883, the first white man named Joseph Thomson to come here appreciated how many wild animals there are, and how beautiful they look against the background of arid surroundings. By 1948,  the  Maasai Empusel (Salt Dust) reservation had become a  nature reserve , and in 1974 it became a  national park . Note that since 1991, Amboseli is a  biosphere reserve  thanks to UNESCO.

Amboseli National Park 4
Amboseli National Park

The area of ​​Amboseli - only 392 km2 - lies at the heart of a large ecosystem located simultaneously in Kenya and Tanzania. From here you can clearly see Mount Kilimanjaro, and the flat land with a minimum of vegetation makes it possible to observe wild animals in their natural environment against this majestic backdrop without any obstacles.

Amboseli National Park 5
Amboseli National Park

Climate in Amboseli

Travelers planning a  safari in Kenya need to know that in the Amboseli National Park they will experience strong  temperature drops  - during the day it can be forty degrees Celsius, and at night only +5 C. You need to take something warm with you.

Amboseli National Park 6
Amboseli National Park

The volcanic soil of Amboseli is easily soggy during rains and dusty when dry. But, what is important, despite the external dryness, in these places everything is in order with the water - it is provided by the snow of Kilimanjaro in the form of streams flowing down to the plain. That is why numerous animals and birds breed in Amboseli National Park.

Amboseli National Park Map