Amboró National Park, Bolivia (with Map & Photos)

Amboro National Park

Amboró National Park
 (Parque Nacional Amboró) is a national park based in Bolivia, on the outskirts of the eastern Cordilleras. The total area of ​​this park exceeds 600 thousand hectares.

Amboro National Park 2
Amboro National Park

Amboró National Park protects three different ecosystems: the foothills of the Andes, the Amazon, and Gran Chak. The diversity of flora and fauna of the park is because it is located at different levels - here the height above sea level reaches from 300 to 3500 m. The park has about 3,000 species of plants, more than 120 species of mammals, and more than 800 species of birds.

Amboro National Park Forest
Amboro National Park

Amboró National Park is distinguished by forests of different types - from the jungle to the dry forests of Gran Chaka. In the park, you can see impressive waterfalls and grottoes.

Amboro National Park Waterfall
Amboro National Park

Within the park, you can visit one of the most important archaeological sites in Bolivia - the Samaipata Fort.

Amboró National Park Map