Split Rock Lighthouse on a Cliff, USA (with Map & Photos)

There were many storms and many tragic shipwrecks that led to the construction of a lighthouse near Split Rock, on a rocky cliff in Lake Superior, it is called the Split Rock lighthouse, and it is on the north shore of Lake Superior, a wooded area (as well as rocky) where what would be one of the most photogenic lighthouses in the United States sits. Built and completed around 1910, the lighthouse is located in Minnesota and was for years an unmissable reference on a rugged and dangerous coastline in the many days with bad weather in the area.

split rock lighthouse usa
Split Rock Lighthouse

Today, the lighthouse is a national historic monument of the United States, featured in numerous postage stamps, photographs, and with appearances in some films. And the reason for its fame is none other than its beauty and location. In its beginnings, in an isolated area and without roads, the lighthouse was profiled as a tourist attraction for embarked excursions.

Split Rock Lighthouse USA
Split Rock Lighthouse

Currently, Split Rock lighthouse is part of a protected park, which protects above all the restored lighthouse with its original appearance, along with a series of buildings and houses that complete the historical facilities.

Split Rock Lighthouse Map